Welcome to Sermersooq Business Council

Sermersooq Business Council (SBC) works to strengthen the businesses and entrepreneurs of the Muncipality of Sermersooq through business development, consulting services, workshops, and events. SBC facilitates cooperation between companies, educational institutions, and public sector representatives. Read more about SBC’s work fostering business development in Sermersooq.

SBC offers counselling to entrepreneurs, as well as young and mature companies. If you are considering opening a business, find information and advice under entrepreneurship.

SBC organizes and hosts workshops, events, courses, and lectures on topics important to the business community, and creates cooperation and networks between organizations. Learn more about upcoming activities under events.



11 Entrepreneurs

SBC has already helped 57 entrepreneurs in 2017. Contact us, if you want help.

4 Events

We have big events planned for 2017, including two Start-ups, Foodfestival and Entrepreneurship Week. Learn more about upcoming events here.

7 Employees

Our dedicated employees are ready to work with you on business development and entrepreneurship. Meet us here.

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