Financial Assistance

Sermersooq Business Council does not provide financial assistance. SBC can advise you on financial assistance opportunities that are relevant for you and your business. SBC also provides consulting on your business plan, application forms, budgets, and so forth.


Advice for Applying for Financial Assistance
  • You need a GER-number (Greenlandic company number).
  • Remember to create a business plan. It is a critical part of the evaluation of your application. Get an English version by contacting
  • Consider how you describe your organization in the business plan. Thorough and easy to understand plans make a great first impression!
  • You need to make a budget. Take your time to ensure it’s organized and complete.
  • Remember to find out if the financial assistance covers the entire project or only parts of it. You will need to communicate how you will raise the additional funds in both your business plan and budget.

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