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Sermersooq Business Council puts focus on Greenlandic food culture with an exciting upcoming event at the Nuuk Nordisk festival, during which the entire theme this year is HOME.

We are looking for people who would like to host guests to a particularly special local gastronomic experience. Do you love creating masterpieces in the kitchen and treating your guests to a fabulous dinner? Then you are exactly who we need!


What’s required?

  •         You must be willing to host 4 or 8 guests for one hour’s time.

  •         You must serve a main dish.

  •         You must tell about what food culture means to you.


Who’s coming over?

-        The Nuuk Nordisk festival attracts both locals and international guests, so you can expect to host guests from near and far.


What’s in it for you?

  •          A fun experience and new friends!

  •          While you must cover all costs involved with being host, you will receive a THANK YOU gift card for a dining experience. (valued at 1000 DKK/4 guests and 2000 DKK/8 guests).



12 October 2019 in Nuuk


To apply to be a host, please fill out our application form. We welcome everyone to apply regardless of nationality or language.

Would you like to hear more? Contact Project Leader Anne Nivíka Grødem via email at or via phone at 56 02 82.


Photo by Lola Akinmade Åkerström - Visit Greenland

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