It Tastes Like Home


Unique ingredients, social interaction and good storytelling are just a few of the main components in our food culture. As locals, we know exactly how a bite of Greenland tastes, smells and feels. But does the rest of the world know what it’s like?  


"It Tastes Like Home" is a food cultural event, that puts words and tastes on how our food culture can be transformed into sustainable dining experiences, that create innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth! 

You can expect an exceptional evening of cultural surprises, exciting food talks, unexpected food experiences, and lots of new food inspiration! 


The Program:

17:00 Get2gether

17:30 FoodTalk

18:30 HomeDining

20:30 KaffeMik

21:00 Pitch Show

22:00 GoodNight 


The event is a result of a North Atlantic cooperation across Iceland, the Faroe Islands, northern Norway, Denmark and Greenland. The official program is in English, without interpretation. It is of course possible to ask questions in the language you want. We will help each other. 


Let's honour, discuss and experience the Greenlandic food culture all together!
Please note, there are a limited number of tickets. Buy your ticket here, and be sure that you don't miss it! 

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