New Trends on PDAC


PDAC is short for The Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada and is an organisation dated back to 1932. Every year PDAC holds a raw-material conference with more than 25.000 participants from more than 100 countries making it one of the biggest within the raw material business in the world. Here new knowledge from the industry is presented – also about an increasing interest in mine drift in Greenland.

Even though the low prices on raw materials have decreased the desire to invest in the resource demanding raw material business, there is massive interest for Greenland. During PDAC several international companies showed increased interest in for the mine potentials in Greenland. Among others the start-up process of 3-4 mine activities as well as True North Gems’ establishing of the ruby mine in Qeqertasuatsiaat cause this interest. That ignites a hope of that the Greenlandic mine drift will grow and gain momentum in the upcoming years.

SBC, Greenland Business Association and 31 other companies participated in the PDAC-convention in Toronto from 6th-9th march 2016. The participants spend the time networking, gathering knowledge and positioning for the raw material projects in the future.

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